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Beachbody Ultimate Reset Day 8 Review – Detox


Beachbody Ultimate Reset Day 8 Review – Detox

3:43am:  Wake Up

  • I just can’t figure this out!  Up at 3:43am and tossed and turned (and went to the bathroom) until I decided to get out of bed at 5:30am to make my lunch (microgreen salad).  We fell asleep last night between 9:30pm and 10pm.

6:30am:  Ultimate Reset Supplements – Mineralize, Optimize, and Detox

  • Added the detox supplement this morning, was a little concerned about taste but it was actually really good due to the citrus bioflavonoids.  It’s supposed to ‘gently’ cleanse your colon.  Wonder how my colon is going to feel about that!  When I posted the picture below on FB, I got some pretty funny responses.  That’s NOT my colon or something that came out of my colon, it’s the detox supplement silly.


7:00am:  Breakfast

  • Huge fruit plate including, cantelope, honeydew, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and kiwi.


9:43am:  Ok, fruit has a lot of fiber and all… and that was a lot of fruit.  I’M. HUNGRY.

10:30am:  Ultimate Reset Supplements – Mineralize, Optimize, and Detox

11:00am:  Lunch

  • Microgreen salad (greens, carrot, cucumber, red pepper, jicama) with some toasted pumpkin seeds and homemade dressing.
  • Really loving this salad, and homemade dressing.  The toasted pumpkin seeds give it a little extra crunch.

1:30pm:  Ultimate Reset Supplements – Mineralize and Alkalinize

2:00pm:  Snack (optional)

  • Supposed to switch to 1/2 scoop vegan chocolate Shakeology with ice per the nutrition guide.  No thanks, I’m sticking to a whole scoop for now.

4:05pm:  Energy levels are a little low.  I think it’s due to only having fruit for breakfast, last week we had fruit and one or two other things.  Same goes for lunch; today was just the microgreen salad, no sides.

5:00pm:  Ultimate Reset Supplements – Mineralize, Optimize, Soothe, and Detox

6:00pm:  Dinner

  • Black beans and rice, steamed zucchini, string beans with lemon juice and olive oil.  I got to double the amount of vegetables and was very thankful for that!

Overall thoughts:

  • All in all much lower energy levels today, a small reduction in calories.  Moving towards more a carb based diet so the detox doesn’t have to break down a bunch of protein.
  • Detox is working it’s magic…  if you know what I mean.
  • Also didn’t sleep more than about 6 hours last night.  My no-yawning streak still holds strong however.  Looks like another day or two of adjustment with the change in meals again.
  • I’m ready for bed, good night.

If you are interested in learning more about the Ultimate Reset, please visit Team Beachbody.

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