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Beachbody Ultimate Reset Day 9 Review – Detox



Beachbody Ultimate Reset Day 9 Review – Detox

5:08am:  Wake Up

  • Went to bed about 10:15pm, so I’ll take about 7 hours.  Feeling friggen alive this morning.

6:30am:  Ultimate Reset Supplements – Mineralize, Optimize, and Detox

7:00am:  Breakfast

  • Seasoned mashed chickpeas and Nori Gomasio.  Instead of eating it like a porridge, I got out the cast iron skillet and heated up a little sesame oil.  Made a crispy little veggie burger.  Really good!
  • What is Nori Gomasio you might ask?!?!  It’s a blend of toasted nori seaweed, sesame seeds, and pink himalayan salt and grind it up (we used our mini Hamilton Beach Blender which is perfect for Shakeology by the way!).

7:15am:  Taking a road less traveled by.

  • I don’t have that long of a commute, maybe 25 max minutes with light traffic.  Usually hop on Highway 50 east towards South Lake Tahoe.  Not today, decided to take a few extra minutes and hit the back roads, open the sunroof, roll down the windows, and just breathe in all the fresh air.


10:30am:  Ultimate Reset Supplements – Mineralize, Optimize, and Detox

  • Not feeling as much hunger as I was yesterday.  Settling into week 2.

11:00am:  Lunch

  • Black beans and rice(spiced them up a bit) and a microgreen salad.  A full serving of the beans and rice was huge, feeling full on top of the large salad.
  • Had to make the miso, sesame, ginger dressing this morning for my salad… very simple even for me!

1:30pm:  Ultimate Reset Supplements – Mineralize and Alkalinize

2:00pm:  Snack (optional)

  • 1 scoop vegan chocolate Shakeology with distilled water and ice.

5:00pm:  Ultimate Reset Supplements – Mineralize, Optimize, Soothe, and Detox

6:00pm:  Dinner

  • Sweet potato and roasted red pepper bisque with a side of roasted asparagus and slivered almonds.  Not very filling, but the asparagus was the bomb!

Overall thoughts:

  • Sometime we all need to make a change, take a different route, open our eyes and realize that it is possible.  Something as simple as taking a different route to work this morning was really refreshing.  And no… I didn’t cry.  Also took a drive (since I have the wife’s ride) at lunch down a remote road and just chilled.
  • Ending the day a little beat and a bit of a headache.  Kids are watching survivor, Rach is shopping for new baseboards, and I’m just getting some peace and quiet.

If you are interested in learning more about the Ultimate Reset, please visit Team Beachbody.

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Enjoy life!