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Ultimate Reset Review

Ultimate Reset Review

Ultimate Reset


My Story

I’ve been putting this off for a real long time, basically since Beachbody released the Ultimate Reset.  Why you might ask?  You’re not supposed to do any intense exercising for 21 days.  Ever since I lost the original 35 pounds from P90X 3 years ago, I’ve worked out consistently 5-6 days a week (depending on the program) and have overhauled my nutrition.  We’ve been through P90X, P90X2, Insanity, Asylum 2, Les Mills Combat, T25, and P90X3 just to name a few.  I got into a groove of working out and am honestly a little nervous about actually giving my body a chance to detox and heal.  I keep telling myself it’ll be worth it.

Starting back in December of 2013, my nutrition got a little out of whack.  Not bad… but not the 90/10 I’m used to.  I was more in the range of  75/25!  Well, it finally caught up with me and I’ve gained about 12 pounds (some good some bad).  The weight gain was partially on purpose as I attempted to bulk up during my first round of P90X3.  I ate a lot of calories, over 3,000 a day.  The downside, we cheated on meals more than we have in a long time.  Burgers, pizza, super burritos, you name it.  Instead of once a month, it turned into once or twice a week.  It is crazy how quickly it can add up and is very humbling to realize that even though we continued to work out, I lost control of my nutrition for the first time in a long time.  I’ve also found myself craving more of it lately, which is what is supposed to happen in today’s society of salt, sugar, and fat (read the book if you haven’t already) .  We just got back from a family spring break trip to the Grand Canyon and ate out for lunch and dinner every day (although I still had Shakeology for breakfast every morning!).  I just feel nasty inside and out.

I’ve found myself being more irritable and haven’t been sleeping soundly.  I’ve gotten back into bad habits that I’m not proud of.  It’s time for a change, it’s time for the Ultimate Reset!

At the very bottom of this post are links to my daily progress, check ’em out!

What is the Ultimate Reset?

It is truly a full body revitalization through clean eating and supplements.

Six Ultimate Reset supplements, uniquely formulated to help restore your body to optimal health:

Ultimate Reset Supplements


  • Alkalinize helps maintain alkalinity.
  • Optimize promotes a healthy metabolism and effective body functions.
  • Soothe helps enhance digestive health and reduce inflammation.
  • Mineralize adds natural minerals needed by the body.
  • Detox helps remove toxins and waste from the colon.
  • Revitalize helps revitalize flora in the digestive tract.

Check out MORE detailed information on the six Ultimate Reset Supplements.

Three Phase Ultimate Reset Meal Plan to include Reclaim, Release, Restore.

  • Reclaim your body, balancing its inner chemistry and preparing it for change – much like soap loosens grime.
  • Release the toxic compounds that are clogging your cells and stored within your tissues – like a purifying surge of clear water that flushes away years of impurities.
  • Restore your metabolism to maximum efficiency, while fortifying your body with the nutrients, enzymes, and probiotics it needs to maintain healthy performance in the future.

The reclaim phase weens you off of animal products and the last two weeks are purely vegan.  We eat a lot of vegan meals today, however still mix in organic chicken and wild fish.  It should be interesting!

Why is the Ultimate Reset different from all the ‘cleanses’ you hear about?

During the Ultimate Reset, you’ll eat three healthy, satisfying meals every day and take supplements. You won’t starve, drink only juice, or eat only meal replacements. You’ll become familiar with delicious new foods and recipes that will help you maintain your health gains beyond these 21 days. In other words, the Reset isn’t a quick fix. It’s a path to real, long-term change.

What do I expect?

I’ll be honest, I don’t know what to expect with the Ultimate Reset.  I hope to sleep better, lose the fat that I added to my butt over the last few months, heal the couple of nagging injuries (nothing serious), and overall just rest my body.  I will be exercising with P90X3 Yoga, Dynamix, Isometrix, and Pilates.  May do some light cardio, take some walks, we’ll see.  I am really interested in seeing how much lean muscle mass I’ll lose, hoping that the workouts I’ve chosen will help a little.  I do know this will make me feel better and it’s only 3 weeks out of the rest of my life.  And, based upon what I’ve read… everything should come back even quicker after doing the Ultimate Reset.

Wish me luck, we start the Ultimate Reset on Wednesday, April 23, 2014.  I will be posting daily ultimate reset review updates on my progress, please subscribe (scroll up top right) to get the latest.

Ultimate Reset Before Stats – April 22, 2014 – Before/After pics later 🙂

Mike Wallace

  • Age:  40
  • Height:  5′ 11″
  • Weight:  183.2
  • Body Fat (calipers):  12.7%
  • Waist:  34.5
  • Hips:  39.5
  • Thighs:  22
  • Arms:  14.5 (pythons!)
  • Chest:  41

Click on the links below to follow my Ultimate Reset review daily journal, updated each day as new reviews are posted.

Week 1 – Reclaim -> Day 1, Day 2, Day, 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Week 1 Recap (before pic)

Week 2 – Release -> Day 8, Day 9, Day 10, Day, 11, Day 12, Day 13, Day 14, Week 2 Recap (progress pic)

Week 3 – Restore -> Day 15, Day 16, Day 17, Day 18, Day 19, Day 20, Day 21, Final Recap (final transformation)

If you are interested in learning more about the Ultimate Reset or have any questions about my Ultimate Reset Review, let’s connect.

Enjoy life!