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It’s never too late to be whoever you want to be…

My wife and I (and 8 others from my team) just spent 4 loooong days in Nashville with about 26,000 people that all want the same thing, to be a better human each and every day.  Think about that for second, to be a better human today than I was yesterday.  The picture above was from one of our personal development workshops.

Being a better you today than yesterday can come in many forms, we focused on health and fitness + personal development during our annual Summit.  Over the course of the last 5 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of people stuck in a serious rut.  They try something new, life gets in the way and some unfortunately just quit, they give up.  The really cool part is that yesterday doesn’t matter today.  You have the power to start over, forget about the “failure”, and begin fresh.  If something didn’t go according to plan, fix it, start over, and do the best you can.

My favorite quote of all time is “Do your best and forget the rest” from my friend Tony Horton.  Yeah, 7 simple words can change your life (it did mine).  If you give today all you have, you won… even if you tried yesterday and didn’t quite hit the mark.  Be the best person you can be today.  You continue to do that over and over and you’ll be shocked at the things you can accomplish.

You have the ultimate power to be the best you possible and if it didn’t go as planned, you have a gift to start over.  You have to find that inner strength to stop beating yourself up if things go sideways today and you don’t quite stick to your plan.  You will have another chance tomorrow.

With that said, stop with the excuses as to why you can’t start getting healthy today, YES today.  And please don’t use that excuse to wait until tomorrow.  Make the choice, write it down, and post it around the house.

I implore you to figure out what you want in life and go after it.  Go after it with the passion that’s buried deep inside, we are all incredible people with incredible talents and drive.  Sometimes we just have to force ourselves to find it by stepping outside of our comfort zones.  Life is made outside that little box that holds us back from so many awesome adventures.

Enjoy life!