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New FDA Nutrition Label

Did the FDA finally do something right with their new food nutrition label?

In late May of 2016, the FDA announced and finalized their new nutrition label.  For those not familiar with the current nutrition label, you might not see any glaring differences other than the bold, large font around the calorie count.  It’s a good start, but let’s dig into the changes the FDA is making to the nutrition label.

One Container = 47 Servings?!?!

serving size

That’s right, most containers of food contain way more than one serving.  Serving sizes on the new nutrition label will be increased to reflect typical eating habits.  While I don’t agree with “typical” because we all eat too much, I do congratulate them on making a change and thinking more about it.  Many nutrition labels are going to change, some to more realistic numbers.  Others, not so much.  For example 12 AND 20 oz. bottles of soda will now be considered one serving.


Pssst… Dump the processed food altogether please.  It’s not doing anything good for you.

Got FAT?


“Calories from fat” will no longer be listed next to the total calorie count per serving.

If you follow nutrition, you’ll understand there are huge differences between “good” fat and bad fat.  Good fats, like avocado, get a majority of its calories from the heart-healthy fats and when we’re talking guacamole… well, it’s reflected a lot “more healthy” as compared to the old nutrition label.

Iron, Potassium, and Calcium OH MY!


On previous nutrition labels manufacturers were required to list % daily value of vitamin A, C, calcium and iron.  On the new label, A and C are no longer required but now vitamin D and potassium will be listed as well.  Not only in amounts but also percentages.

Don’t Be a Sugar Daddy!


FINALLY!!!  Added sugars are getting called out on the nutrition label, a smack down on the silent killer.  The one little thing that makes your brain respond like it was on cocaine.  A banana has more sugar than a bowl of Fruit Loops but I’m sure you can guess which is healthier for you.  Foods with added sweeteners like corn syrup, honey, agave, etc. are usually high in calories but basically have no added value from a nutrition standpoint.

The only downfall to the new FDA nutrition label is that it won’t fully be implemented until the end of July 2018.  Assuming some of the big companies are going to wait until the very last second because they don’t want to un-hide the stuff they can currently hide or spend the money to make the right changes 🙂

Click for more information on the new FDA Nutrition Labels.

Enjoy life!