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The Comeback – Day Zero

Starting something new is hard, I was there 5 and a half years ago.  Getting fit and healthy for the first time is overwhelming, I get it.  When you get there and something happens to make you start over it sucks a whole lot more.  Why?  Because you already know what it feels like to feel awesome and you don’t anymore.

On September 12th I woke up and my lower back didn’t feel right.  I’ve struggled with lower back issues my whole life but it’s never lasted more than a couple of days so Rachel and I pressed on with our workouts until it became too much.  After about 4 weeks, I couldn’t move. I couldn’t sleep on my back or my stomach because the spasms would start and keep me up all night.  Had no idea what was going on or what was causing the intense pain.

I tried to get an appointment with my DO but because we rarely go to the doctor and because I was a new patient… and it was this late in the year, I couldn’t get an appointment for a month (I think it would have been November 3rd if I remember correctly).  Stopped working out and decided to go to Urgent Care because I needed some relief.  They didn’t take x-rays, they didn’t ask any relevant questions looking back.  They just gave me some Norco and sent me on my way.  That didn’t do $%^# except make me loopy.  Pain wasn’t going away, my left leg would go either tingle or go numb laying in bed.  Luckily I asked to be put on the cancellation list for the soonest appointment possible for Dr. Hill.  Finally… I. Got. In.

One simple test, laying on by back and lifting a straight left leg (which I couldn’t do) led to the conclusion that I had severe nerve problems on my left side.  They immediately ordered some x-rays, which I did 30 minutes later.  My next appointment a few days after showed that I had compression between my L5 S1 vertebrae.  And… my left leg is longer than my right throwing my pelvis out of whack.  All of this was basically causing a pinched and super inflamed nerve.

The DO subscribed valium and a muscle relaxant.  The valium knocked my ass out at night and made me groggy as hell but it killed the spasms.  On the flip side, the muscle relaxant made me feel crappy all day long.  Good times at best but I started to get some relief.

I hit up physical therapy on Friday, 11/3/2016 and my flexibility is great for my age (according to the PT’ist) and my core strength is good, except for my lower left side which was kind of surprising.  She showed me a bunch of exercises which we’ve done with all of the programs we do, but it is a good thing because I have to recommit to them specifically.

I know what I need to do now and damnit I’m going to get back to normal.  I’ve gained about 10 pounds, been cheating with my nutrition more than I should because I kind of felt sorry for myself.

We have a program that fits perfectly with what the physical therapist ordered and honestly, it’s not my favorite by a long shot.  But… I’m more than confident it’s going to fix me.  I’m going to “destroy” my left side with my rumble roller and commit to this program, meal plan and all.

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Enjoy life,